One Stop Solution

Sophisticated termly reporting of Progress & attainment

Identifying patterns of attendance daily, weekly or as required.

Immediate notifications of exclusions

PEP for Success

Information Management System

Advanced Analytics

PEP for Success

Easy to learn and use

Tailored to your individual requirements

Built in QA System

Bespoke Notification System

Can manage your funding allocations

Allows multiple users and user type such as:

  • Social Workers
  • IROs
  • Education Advisors
  • Foster Carers
  • Designated Teachers
  • Young persons and many more.

Generates a huge variety of reports that can be exported in many formats


Options for attendance collection

  • Phone Call
  • Data Extraction
  • School Portal
  • Email

Frequency of the collection

  • Daily
  • Weekly

Progress & Attainment

Huge range of reports available at virtual school and pupil level.
Compare your data with LAC national data and other LAs

Management System

ASSET for Virtual Schools is an information management system designed by our award-winning school data management team and experienced Virtual School Headteachers. It is an easy to use, intuitive system which is powered by a sophisticated data analysis.


We are pleased to inform you of the below Accreditations and Certifications.

Plus Certified

We protect ourselves from common online security threats

ASP Data

This product is based upon the same data that underlies DfE's Analyse School Performance (ASP) service. Access has been granted following satisfaction of the security and usage criteria set out in DfE's ASP Accreditation Route.

ISO 27001

We are ISO 27001 certified. Our annual audit is conducted by the British Assessment Bureau.

IT Health

Several internal and external penetration tests. We had a certified external service provider perform a check on all of our applications and infrastructure to identify risk. We passed with flying colours.


Our organisation was assessed and certified as meeting the QG-GDPR Management Standards.

We have various accreditations and checks performed to ensure we meet all legislation and security measures within our company and across our systems and software. All data is stored and process in the UK in our SSL website which is IS0 27001 certified, Cyber Essentials Certified, QG GDPR Certified software. ASSET undergoes yearly IT Health Check's (ITHC).